2186 C.E. — Omega Station

The Blood Pack is back! And This time they attracted a Yahg together! Equipped with abusing the holes of the Commander night after night, the insatiable band of extraterrestrial beings turn their sights on new entertainment!

With Shepard from action Resting her sore and bruised body at the cottage, it was Ms. Lawson’s turn to”take one for the team” She didn’t count a Yahg, on the Blood Pack’s ringleader, to be the only one. But all of her worries soon melted away as the thick cock spread her wet cunt of the alien and made her feel sensations she never sensed before.

“This isn’t so poor”, she thought to herself The nightclub stuffed using a queue of criminals, keen to take their turn with the operative that was beautiful. 1 step closer to paying off the debt for Aria. However, Miranda had never tasted Krogan penis before, and she had been in for a long night…

Artist: StudioFOW
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